Machine Learning Lead @ Averbis GmbH

At Averbis (Freiburg, Germany), I lead the development of NLP models designed to extract medical information from free-text documents. Through this work, we transform free-text medical documents into fully-structured, searchable data. This can be used for research question, creating an overview of a patient, quickly finding similar patients, and more use-cases.
My interest is in all kind of machine learning models ranging from large language models, to Transformer-based architecture, but also to fast-running CNNs.


Organizer @ is a non-profit meeting point for people that are interested in AI. Our goal is to provide opportunities for exchanging knowledge, networking and connecting with industrial partners in the Freiburg area.

Our main activity is the organization of meetups. Please register (for free) and follow the group to receive information about the latest events.
Image taken by a talk from Andreas Blattmann.



I am also working part-time as a freelancer. I can help you to better understand your data, create predictive models and improve your workflows, especially if you are dealing with text data.

I am experienced with in Python (TensorFlow/PyTorch, data science libs), Microservices, Cloud, CI/CD (Jenkins, Git), Flutter, and more.

Please contact me if you are interested in working together.


App developer

I am currently developing a Flutter app (Android & IOs) with small tasks for your daily wellbeing. It uses generative AI for the design. Please contact me if you are interested in testing or knowledge exchange.